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by autorepairsites on December 17, 2011

Today, mobile marketing represents only 1% of all advertising dollars spent globally and even less than that in the U.S. However, it should come as no surprise that the mobile advertising and marketing industry is about to explode.  Industry experts believe it will be the fastest growing advertising/marketing segment in the US over the next few years.  In 2008, Mobile Marketing revenues totaled just a few hundred million dollars, but by 2012 it is predicted to skyrocket to $3-5 Billion.  This type of growth may seem impossible, but the facts support this expected phenomenal growth.  Mobile phones outnumber laptops and desktop PCs by nearly 5 to 1 and they outnumber televisions 3 to 1. In the U.S. mobile ads are not yet widely accepted, however in other countries mobile advertising has evolved and is now considered main stream.   In Japan 54% of mobile phone owners receive ads, in France 62% and in Spain 75%.  More impressive are the click-thru rates.  In Japan mobile phone users click on these ads an amazing 44% of the time.  Need more compelling facts?  There are more than 130 Billion texts sent monthly and men and women ages 18-29 say their phone is the most important device they own, including their wallet!

A mobile marketing explosion is inevitable because it is where people are spending their time.  Facebook announced in October 2009 that 25% of their users are connected by a mobile phone. Whether you like receiving mobile ads or not they are here to stay. Most people think of mobile ads as the annoying text message advertisements.  However, the future of mobile advertising is much more diverse. The portfolio of mobile marketing is not much different from internet marketing. There are five types of mobile marketing.


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