Google Privacy Changes on March 1st

by autorepairsites on February 29, 2012

On March 1st, 2012 Google’s new unified privacy policy goes into effect, and your Google Web History will be shared among all of the Google products you use. Find out how to clear your data before that happens.

AdWords Battle: San Francisco Auto Repair Shop vs. Honda

by autorepairsites on February 9, 2012

AdWords Battle: San Francisco Auto Repair Shop vs. Honda

Competing with the big conglomerates today is now possible thanks to Google AdWords. AdWords allows small to mid-sized business to advertise next to their competitors. For example, the other day I was looking for “auto repair san francisco” and came up with these search results from Google:
Google Places: “auto repair san francisco”

auto shop google places results

“The Garage Automotive Services” Places page has over 300 positive reviews. Google understands that it is reputable and relevant to its Google users and places it in a position where it think it can help the most searchers. benefits from these reviews and claims the top position against two well-known brands.
Google AdWords: “auto repair san francisco”

auto-repair-google-ads results

We see the same thing here within the AdWords section of the same search. Within the top 3, a competes with Honda.

“Fear of being run out of business”.

Large companies like Honda have the capital and resources to outbid small auto-repair shops in San Francisco on keywords such as “auto repair san francisco”. Google understands that and places emphasis on other variables (landing page) to make the bidding and competition fair for all of its users. has taken the time to understand and implement what makes a good landing page according to Google.

A good landing page will help decrease your CPC (cost-per-click) and raise your ad position.

After clicking their AdWords ad, this is the page which you are brought to.

auto repair landing page for adwords success

Visible Call to Action
Hours of Operation
Payment Options

Good, but could be better.

Brief introduction = good.
Placement/font style/font size of introduction = bad.
Since this is the “core message” a new customer should be able to see it upon first glance.
Currently, its lost amongst the rest of the cluttered text.
A simple line break between the 1st and 2nd paragraph and font size increase could make a difference in their AdWords -> landing page -> to sale conversion rate.

Areas of improvement:
Where is the “web deal?”

The AdWords ad says “Mention Our Web Deal and Save!”, but nowhere on the page is there a reminder or coupon for savings.
Like Pat’s Garage, consumers want to save money and the “web deal” could be one reason WHY they clicked the ad.
If the “web deal” was on the landing page, do you think it would help with their acquisition of new customers?

“Visit Our Website”

If a customer even noticed the link in the top right corner – “Visit Our Website”, it might cause unnecessary confusion for them. Most likely, they THOUGHT they were at the website.

It’s clear what Pat’s Garage has done. They have created a separate website SPECIFICALLY for online advertising and possible for Google AdWords. and

I don’t think this is wrong/gaming the system. But as a customer viewing and noticing a link that sends me to another website was…a little odd.
Instead of my looking for auto repair information on the website, now my attention was turned to “why do they have two websites?” and “which one should I be using?”
Other than link building, I don’t see a need for it as it only creates confusion. In my opinion, I would remove it.

What is interesting though, is that on they have the “Web Deal” visible but not on

In the example above, we’ve seen how a small auto repair business can compete directly with Honda at a cheaper cost because of the time and research they put in to learning how to optimize a landing page for Google AdWords.

Job well done!

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